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The coronavirus knows no boundaries, it has been a tragedy of the likes we have never seen, nor wish to ever see again. If the lock-downs do start to ease in a few months, we hope it is possible that those who wish to return to the Alps again may do so, perhaps in the summer.

We know the Alps are becoming an ever more popular summer destination, this will surely increase. Why sit on a crowded beach when you have vast spaces, clean air, lots of sunshine and beautiful scenery? The benefits for property owners are clear, either to use it yourself, or to increase rental income. Prospective buyers may have their first opportunity for visits over the summer months.

APi has written a little about summer in the Alps, there is a lot more to write about. The agents APi is partnered with live and work in the resorts, they know the place and local property market better than anyone. We are focusing on some of the finest resorts in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps.

Why you should visit Sainte Foy Tarentaise this summer, by Sainte Foy Agence.

Those who enjoy an authentic Alpine environment and undisturbed nature will feel right at home in Sainte Foy Tarentaise. Located at an intermediate altitude of 1,500m, the flora and fauna are abundant. It is a charming place thanks to its traditional chalet architecture, an ideal starting point to discover all the riches and heritage of the Haute Tarentaise and its ancient villages, which take you back to the rural life of yesteryear (Le Monal, Le Miroir).

From Sainte Foy, there are magnificent hikes to discover, which will lead lovers of wilderness to numerous lakes at altitude; it is also an opportunity to admire the surrounding high peaks, and to stroll along the border ridges with Italy nearby.

A family walk to the classified village of Monal is a pleasure not to be missed. An old mountain hamlet with intact traditional architecture, facing the Mont Pourri glacier, here you can stock up on excellent local cheese made in the village.

In Sainte Foy, the forest environment and the mountain pastures are ideal for mountain biking and e-biking. For something different, there is an adventure park involving cables suspended through trees (accrobranche) and an equestrian centre.

On the cultural level, one should not miss the guided tours of Baroque churches and chapels, as well as the surrounding traditional villages with their famous columned houses.

Sainte Foy is also focused on natural well-being. The resort is particularly well suited to families, but also to athletes and high-level athletes who can practice high mountain activities here (ascent of Mont Pourri for example), climbing, or trail running.

Restaurants and shops are open and the Grand Plan chairlift from the station operates in the summer.

Where can we stay? Some lovely accommodation is available, we suggest the following:

La centrale de réservation de Sainte Foy: [email protected] / +33(0)7 50 04 25 89
Clés Saisonnières avec Novasol: [email protected] / 06 58 68 88 72
Première Neige (Fiona): [email protected]
Sainte Foy Uncovered (Rob):  [email protected] / + 33 (0) 767 36 58 51
Time to Ski (James): [email protected] / 06 85 51 14 68
Sainte Foy Chalet Solutions (Deborah): [email protected]
The White Room : [email protected] / +33(0)6 73 23 91 85 (Stevo) / +33 6 37 46 84 43 (Iona)
Sainte Foy Chalet Compagny (Duncan): [email protected]
All at Ski (Julian): [email protected]

What would be your best advice to potential property buyers and sellers in the current environment?

In the current context, we have observed that recently, quite a number of people have come to “take refuge” in Sainte Foy in their second home. More than ever, and in two respects, the investment they have made appears to be THE safe haven, both financially (little confidence in banking and stock market investments) and personally “safe” (getting out of the cities, recharge your batteries and looking after your family).

For those who would like to sell their property, the current environment has not yet impacted the value of the properties, and activity will resume when visits become possible. We are confident.

For those considering a purchase, given our comments above, it may be the right time, as interest rates are still very low.

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Alpine Property intelligence – May 2020
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