SKIMILES – how does it work?

Why do we favour one ski resort over another? What makes us try a new place, and go back? It is a complicated question – is it the culture, the ambience, or are there other more tangible factors?

Does the skiing suit me? Are the pistes spacious or crowded, is it big enough, does it have lots of groomed runs, are the lifts efficient and comfortable, can I be sure of snow?

Alpine Property intelligence is proud to join with Montenius Consult to present a new way to answer these questions – which is FACTUAL, UNBIASED and UNOPINIONATED.

We believe it is a valuable new tool for holiday decisions and property investors.


• Definitions •

Length of runsIndependently measured and verified with consistency for all resorts
Groomed TerrainDistance is one thing, but space is equally important
Skiable VerticalThe longest section you can ski, non-stop
Skimiles®A combined score describing the size of a ski area based on ten different measurable factors which influence how big a ski area ‘feels’.
Lift EfficiencyThe uphill capacity of the lift system in relation to the number of visitors at the resort
Riding ComfortMeasures how comfortable each and all the lifts are to use, whether sitting or standing, including features such as weather protection
Downhill ComfortMeasures ‘elbow room’ on the pistes, given the lift capacity, and space on the pistes
Ski Area ComfortCombines the above scores for lift efficiency, riding comfort and downhill comfort
Altitude TopThe top of the top lift, not the mountain it is on
Natural SnowfallDon’t take our word for it, independent data on historical snowfall
SnowmakingNot just how many canons there are, but also their capacity determines how effectively the ski area can be covered
Snow ReliabilityWill you get to ski even if it hasn’t snowed for a while?
Ski Area ValueOverall score, combining every measure above

Montenius provides a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in determining innovative, successful solutions for resort development and operation. Our consulting services include resort management, financial services, strategic business planning, and market and economic analysis. We work with clients to determine resort planning issues, finance and investment strategies, perform and interpret customer research, and institute marketing programs.

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The details of the resorts on this blog and in the Destinations sections are supplied by Montenius Consult who are entirely responsible for the content and accuracy of the supplied data. They are presented for information purposes only and may not necessarily reconcile with other data provided by Alpine Property intelligence. For more information please contact either Montenius Consult directly, or Alpine Property intelligence.