Insights - Grimentz Property 1

By Anniviers Immobilier - December 19, 2018 - Posted in Grimentz

Insights - Grimentz Property 1

Alpine Property intelligence recently caught up with our partner ANNIVIERS IMMOBILIER in Grimentz to discuss the trends they are seeing and how they view the market this season.

Insights - Grimentz Property 1

First of all, after the prodigious snowfall of the 2017-18 season, did you see a follow through of interest from buyers into the summer and autumn?

2018 has been a very good year for our agency. We were worried that interest would fall during the low season, but on the contrary, sellers and buyers were there all year long.

Do you think it was only a positive effect from the fantastic ski conditions, or can you identify other factors that are supporting the interest?

The heavy snowfall of the winter of 2017-2018 and the creation of the Magic Pass have certainly intensified the interest in our resort and as a result there were more people passing through. However, a majority of our buyers were people who already knew and frequented the station. People are very attached to our region, it is certainly the main factor for the choice of a property purchase in Grimentz.

What sort of Grimentz properties for sale do you see most in demand?

During the year 2018, we noticed that the most visited and sold properties are apartments ranging from 1 to 2 bedrooms. Although we have also sold some larger apartments and chalets, the interest remains more strong for objects of this type.

Is there enough for sale in the market in this segment?

Sellers rarely put their properties on the market in the early winter, however, there are still a number of properties of this type for sale.

Are there any ‘soft spots’ in the market in Grimentz currently, where might canny buyers find a good deal?

We do not think there are weak spots. Simply find the right property for the right customer, which can sometimes take a little time if you want to satisfy all parties.

How is the new development market in Grimentz? Which are the best new projects you would flag to our readers?

As you may know, several laws have been passed in recent years, which have had a strong influence on new construction. There are still some developments in progress, but they are becoming rarer. Moreover, our agency is currently dealing mainly in resale properties.

Please tell us about significant new infrastructures, new hotels, events in Grimentz.

Two major projects are currently underway/under discussion in Grimentz. The project Les Guernerés, which is a luxury hotel project located on the edge of the ski slopes. Also there is a thermal baths project which is also in development. These are the two major major tourism projects at the moment.

In general, how would you describe price trends in Grimentz over the last 12 months?

Grimentz styles itself as a family destination. Indeed, everything is set up by the various partners (tourist or not) so that everyone feels welcome, a little “like home”.

What would be your best advice to current or potential sellers in terms of timing, how and when to list your property?

The busier the resort, the more “ground level” visibility there is. It may therefore be worthwhile to sell the property for the winter / summer season rather than in the off-season. However, if the seller still wants to enjoy his/her home during the winter, for example, this is not ideal as buyers in general prefer to take possession of their chosen property quickly.

Alpine Property intelligence December 2018

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Anniviers Immobilier

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