The APi ‘Buying Agent’ service

By Alpine Property intelligence - January 7, 2021 - Posted in Val d'Isère

The APi ‘Buying Agent’ service

The Alpine Property intelligence ‘Buying Agent’ service in the Alps. Time, patience, persistence & local knowledge. APi is your essential partner.

Finding the right property anywhere takes time, patience and persistence

Every ski resort is a ‘micro market’ when it comes to property. Just like the weather in the mountains, local area knowledge is valuable.

You have skied there perhaps over a dozen times; you feel like you know the place. But could there be one little area you have not discovered yet, and what is it like there in the summer?

You have a budget, you have your ideal criteria, but are they realistic?

Should you be considering other resorts? There may be a few that equally match your criteria.

How do you start when it comes to your property search? What if the perfect property is ‘off-market’?

Where is still good value in a snow-sure ski resort?

Do you know about financing, are there ownership regulations to know about?


Alpine Property intelligence is your essential partner for this journey

  • The APi team meets with hundreds of property professionals in the Alps every year
  • We talk to agents, developers, we go to trade shows, we visit properties and new sites
  • We will introduce you to Notaries, Tax, Mortgage and other specialists we know and whose expertise we trust
  • We are in the Alps throughout the year, as a property portal we do our own research
  • We are not restricted to the properties on APi, we search the entire market on your behalf
  • We know the property buying process in France, Switzerland and Austria
  • We work closely with you from the beginning to understand your goals and criteria
  • We will advise you with an unbiased opinion

Get in touch to see how it works. Or call us for a friendly chat.

(*Minimum purchase value circa €1,000,000)

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