Insights: Les Gets Property

Insights: Les Gets Property. Alpine Property intelligence recently caught up with our partners at Agence Olivier in Les Gets to discuss the trends they are seeing and how they see the market this season.

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• First of all, after the prodigious snowfall of the 2017-18 season, did you see a follow through of interest from buyers into the summer and autumn?

Absolutely, the market has remained very dynamic.

We notice that the village is more and more popular in the summer especially since the resort of Les Gets is meeting the expectations of customers outside the winter period, offering various activities in summer:

  • An 18-hole golf course with views of Mont Blanc
  • Hiking for all levels
  • Supervised swimming at Lac des Gets
  • Downhill and cross-country cycling on the slopes
  • Paragliding, and so forth

This is plenty to satisfy all age groups and budgets!

Thus, the customer does not wait for the first snowfall to come to explore, we have visitors in the resort throughout the year.

• Do you think it was only a positive effect from the fantastic ski conditions, or can you identify other factors that are supporting the interest?

It’s important, but less of a key factor today.

The clientele is looking for more than exceptional snow, people like a variety of après-ski activities whether shopping, visiting tearooms, bars and restaurants as well as other activities and events.

It is the combination of these factors that ensures the success of the resort.

• What sort of properties for sale in Les Gets do you see most in demand?

Our clientele is families, which is why 2 to 3 bedroom apartments are the most sought after, and of course chalets.

We also note that the standard of the sought-after properties is increasingly important, this trend is well represented in the new developments in in progress, by designing with the use of high-quality materials, and the integration of spaces for spa and sports facilities.

• Is there enough for sale in the market in this segment?

The demand exceeds supply, the village is a victim of its success but we make it a point of honor to offer our customers a wide range of properties, both new and old.

• Are there any ‘soft spots’ in the market in Les Gets currently, where might canny buyers find a good deal?

Les Gets is currently a two tier market, on the one hand the new developments, and on the other the “older” properties, which need to be renovated.

These are not a ‘soft spot’ but rather an opportunity for customers willing to renovate to their own taste and in keeping with the property.

• How is the new development market in Les Gets? Which are the best new projects you would flag to our readers?

Many developments are reaching fruition in the resort, our favorites are SOLARET and KINABALU, for their locations, their features and services.

We also like a new development of high quality standalone chalets on the popular Chavannes piste (see our top pick below).

• Please tell us about significant new infrastructures, new hotels, events in Les Gets.

The winter of 2019 will be marked by the opening of a spa of over 1000 m² dedicated to well-being, beauty and care that will satisfy adults and the youngest through two distinct spaces.

• In general, how would you describe price trends in Les Gets over the last 12 months?

The market has remained stable over the last 12 months, which is an advantage because our buyer base is not subject to fluctuations in an uncertain market and can invest with confidence.

• What would be your best advice to current or potential sellers in terms of timing, how and when to list your property?

Sales are made throughout the year, thanks in particular to the turnover of the properties our clients are buying.

Winter remains however the most favorable period for sales due to the considerable volume of visitors.

• Finally, if you had to pick one chalet or apartment, of all the properties you have for sale, as your favourite, which one would it be?

This one…

New chalet in Les Gets


Agence Olivier