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Mission Statement

APi is the only site specialising in Alpine property. Our mission is to be the go-to site for buyers and sellers of quality properties in the top ski resorts in the Alps. Buyers, and those looking to rent, will find curated content covering the resorts, lifestyle, the property markets and properties for sale. Selling and rental agents will benefit from a platform they know is entirely focused on their target audience.


The focal point of APi's editorial is the Alpine property market. We interview local experts and decision makers, look at the latest developments, highlight featured properties, talk about price trends and infrastructure upgrades. We aim to help buyers make informed choices – a purchase in the Alps, or a week’s rental, is much more than bashing up and down the pistes. It is a lifestyle decision of tangibles and intangibles – we aim to help you tick the boxes.

Property listings

APi will offer property agents and developers the opportunity to exhibit their finest offerings. The benefits are clear: a full and rich description, accompanied by photo slides or video footage, which is truly differentiated from a standard advertisement template. The format is a winning combination. Buyers are able to more accurately interpret the true character of the property; sellers can be sure their products will stand out in a crowded and competitive market. (Please note that APi does not accept property listings from private sellers.)


APi engages an audience who like to ski, in the best resorts, in the finest and largest ski area in the world. The Alpine property market is a globally significant asset class, where values can rival the top cities. APi believes this asset class is under-represented by the media, whose focus tends to be highly seasonal. APi’s audience fits this affluent category, those who appreciate and desire quality, with spending power to match.

The Team

Charlie McKee

I am fortunate to have skied all over the Alps from an early age, in the US both East Coast and Colorado, and in almost every resort in Japan where we lived for 7 years. To me, no other outdoor activity can match a great day out on the slopes. As for the summer, the mountains beat a crowded beach every day. But also, I can see the inherent difficulties for buyers in knowing how to buy a ski property. That’s why APi will provide the focus and all the knowledge you need. Favourite resort: Vald'Isère - I first skied there in the early 1970s, we had the only British car in the village, I've been going ever since.

David Bhagat

Bitten by the “mountain bug” from the age of three, the Alps are my favourite place to be in all seasons. I have skied all over Europe and North America and particularly enjoy the diversity and different cultures of the Alpine ski resorts. Exhibiting this all-year playground and its properties to prospective buyers and renters is my aim for APi. Favourite resort: Chamonix - unique scenery, challenging skiing and happy memories. From my first visit by train from Martigny via the Gorges du Trient in the 1970s, boys’ ski weekends in the 1990s, and with the family more recently.